Why a Baseball Kart? Why Now?

The timing couldn’t be better! With retro uniforms coming back into vogue and “Turn Back The Clock” games being played on a regular basis, the timing is perfect for this legend to return to the field. Not to mention, if you do an Internet search of Bullpen Carts you’ll see numerous articles and posts beckoning for the return of the Cart. Don’t take our word for it…search yourself.

What’s In It For You?

Revenue! There’s only so many billboards and ad space for you to sell. Teams and companies alike are always looking for the next new thing to add to their marketing inventory and a SportsKartz Baseball Cart is it! With sponsorship agreements the Cart not only pays for itself in no time but has the ability to generate income for years to come. And let’s face it, not only is it fun and cool to have around the ballpark, but you can take it wherever you want. Parades, festivals, sponsor visits…the sky’s the limit (literally, it doesn’t fly). You can’t do all that with a billboard can you?

Why A SporsKartz Baseball Cart?

Well, we did bring it back first. But more importantly we plan on building the best quality cart and offer it at a price that guarantees our teams a high return on their investment for years to come. But most importantly we are committed to offering the absolute best customer experience for our teams. We want dealing with SportsKartz to be a pleasure.

– SportsKartz