It all started a little over five years ago. Mark Sofia was having a random conversation with Dan Mason, the General Manager of the AAA Rochester Red Wings, about various gimmicks and promotions in professional baseball over the last few decades. How could any such conversation take place without mentioning the Baseball Cart at some point? Dan indicated that he would love a Baseball Cart and that was enough for Mark to begin his quest to find one.

How hard could it be to find one, there has to be a bunch on eBay right? Wrong! The company that originally made them is probably still around right? Wrong again! What Mark discovered is that other than the few that remained on display in Major League ballparks, the Bullpen Cart was all but extinct. Unfortunately Dan would not be getting a Cart after all…or would he?

Fast forward almost five years when Mark stumbled on an article about a Bullpen Cart in Texas. The Sugar Land Skeeters were building a Cart and Jeff Huebel was the man in charge of the project. Mark flew out to Texas to meet with Jeff and see the Cart. As nice as the Cart was, it wasn’t exactly what Mark was hoping for. This model barely reflected that of the iconic design, the fit and finish left a little to be desired, and most of all the cost was way out of Marks ballpark (pun intended). All was not lost though. Mark was now motivated to go into the Bullpen Cart business. Over a few cervezas with Jeff before he headed back to the airport, Mark discussed his intentions to start his own business to Jeff who thought it was a great idea and even expressed an interest in being a part of it. With no reason why he couldn’t be, hands were shook and the partnership began. In that instant SportsKartz was formed…the rest will be history!

mark miss florida

SportsKartz Founders Jeff Huebel (L) and Mark Sofia (R) with 2012 Miss Florida America Laura McKeeman (She’s the one in the middle) at the 2012 Baseball Trade Show.